Volunteercoin: Bitcoin Protocol Merged with Social Value and Public Purpose

Sapient State

Presently money instruments or things used to settle transaction agreements, e.g. dollars and credit cards, are unequally produced and distributed by governments and recognized banks. Even the monetary innovation called bitcoin, mined by computers and known as a cryptocurrency, is just a virtual form of gold. It too is unequally produced and distributed adding the elements of anonymity and with no sovereign government oversight. Although not to be completely negative, bitcoin does have a wonderful upside potential that will be discussed later.

The problem with all of these money things is that none of them can act countercyclically to pull our country out of its economic stagnation, dare I say depression even. Since this stagnation is primarily the irresponsibility of our elected representatives, we are prompted to think of ways forward on our own.

Enter The VolunteerCoin Concept

Let us do a thought experiment. The purpose being to…

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